Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-Checking Policy for The TazaNews24

At The TazaNews24, we’re committed to getting our facts right. Here’s what we do to make sure the information we share is accurate and trustworthy:

  1. Getting it Right:
    • We work hard to make sure what we say is true. Our reputation relies on it, and so does your trust in us.
  2. Checking Sources:
    • We use good sources and evidence for what we write. We’re honest about things we’re not sure about, and we avoid guessing.
  3. Being Honest:
    • We never copy from others or make up things. Pictures and videos are shown as they are, without tricks.
  4. Checking Facts:
    • If we can’t confirm something, we tell you. And when someone important says something, we double-check it.
  5. Fixing Mistakes:
    • We stand by what we publish, but if we’re wrong, we fix it fast. Big mistakes are owned up to and corrected clearly.
  6. Listening to You:
    • We want to hear from you. If you see something off, tell us. There’s a way for you to let us know right on our website.
  7. Being Careful:
    • Our writers and editors take their jobs seriously. We have a system to check things, especially when they’re really important.

Correction Policies for The TazaNews24

Here’s what happens if we make a mistake and how you can help us fix it:


  • If you find a mistake, tell Emilee Wentland, our Editor-in-Chief, directly by email at [email protected] with the subject “Correction Needed.”
  • Tell us what’s wrong, when you saw it, and how we can reach you. Also, give us the right information and where you found it if you can.
  • You’ll get a message back to confirm we got your correction. We might ask more if we need to be sure.


  • Our Editor-in-Chief will look into the mistake you reported using different sources.
  • If we’re wrong, we’ll fix it:
    • In Print: We’ll print a correction in the next issue, saying what was wrong and what’s right.
    • Online: We’ll update the article with a note saying what we got wrong and what’s changed.
    • Social Media: If we posted about it online, we’ll share the corrected version and mention the mistake.
  • We’ll let you know what we did to fix it.